• A New Start on the Topic!

    From Doubleman@VERT to All on Sunday, September 11, 2011 17:25:00
    Dear Readers of Vert,

    Cup half full or half empty?!

    Why not fill the cup and find there interest to stop going halfway on my life through ill regarded treatment doctor?
    If it meant me to find correctly one to judge, why not a doctor over treatment and schizophrenia?
    If it could be thought upon life, would one live it or would they prove it
    Well all these questions prove correctly a devil lived!
    But if you are still asking how to perceive this notion in your life, you would have to conclude in me your life lived.

    You see I am here to help mankind think, and I have achieved this at one time in my life for myself.
    Not convinced, but this is all it took for me to find correct my issue with doctors!
    Now doctor could you please fill the cup to the rim, or next are we to prove why the cup should be glass?
    I live in Boynton, please figure where I am. Last words, why now not just ask a doctor to conclude?
    They needed a point to go on, then make sure I don't have to meet you at the next point.

    And prove my point lastly why people shall live. Point all together concluding in me,
    That is what you wished to know to live life. For the devil lived who is me for figuring it.
    Now you can ask me any questions, but make them count. Its what I don't wish to make life to mean is answers.

    You see I would prefer to THINK. I will leave you with this:
    'See you at the next point. If meant nothing to you, I believe it that I still see God. Why don't you ask if this holds a point?'

    Signed by one who gets it someday from a doctor, Doubleman!!

    PS. Read carefully. I would like responses.
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