• The Cover up?!

    From Doubleman@VERT to All on Saturday, July 16, 2011 12:03:08
    To All,

    Why be such a difficulty on proper comprehension of life revealed to lordship through a glasshouse?

    Does it make you seem to believe the world is over because the Irish would live? Follow me on this one. Some say two heads is better than one. How now a process to think through machinery? Is it correctly telnet, a BBS you see to contact and communicate on matters before difficult to see revealed? Why I ask such disrespect on matters conclusive to court of law? You see that would mean it was thought upon for some newbies to lordship to see correctly life.

    But why is it people believe some see God, I know this now. So listen close to my messages they shall ring in the English to have not seen but badly their assholes.


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