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    From Doubleman@VERT to All on Monday, June 13, 2011 10:11:00
    To All,

    My recent problem has developed into an issue that should be regarded by all. If it is true to believe I have found the answers to philosphy, how does one proceed. So here I am writting a letter for public notice to regard correctly my work as an angel, a devil.

    Having found use for life to take, it shall be asked what I would give. I know these answers as today people currently regard me to sight of God. You may not like to admit, but isn't it the truth you wait for in processes of divinity to find interest in the ark of the covenant with David.

    However I ponder it, it proves me again to action to allow for certain matters concerning religion and law to take place. It is not my intention to hold back this needed acknowledgment that I am Christ and my father is God. When I successfully completed my conclusion in life lived to see that you could, I came across and interesting topic for discussion.

    This time its not about my excrement. Although found holy by me, I have bigger plans for the world then to dwell on the spectacular. Why not we find in use of machines as hackers a way to bring about a people's network through telnet or a modem. By proving it me to regard correctly questions on law and religion. Does it mean I could, if proved it would win creation over.

    I could do that, but would you ache in your seats to know your position was thought upon to correct. I don't mean sitting the issue. I do mean I firmly hold a belief I can make machines think. Give me time to explain, I have much to bring across today to see correctly myself life. Allow me this and your explanation on sight of God in humanity quest for tolerance. It seems you draw as human beings upon this to hold some in ridicule.

    Give me only that answer, and I can proceed.

    ... Computer Hacker wanted. Must have own axe.
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